006 Journal Warning

Most of you are doing a good and honest job on your journals.  There are, however, a few of you who are behaving stupidly.  Two of the things that a few of you are doing:
  • Copying answers that other students have written, either this semester or in past semesters.
  • Answering questions by copying things from the book or directly transcribing statements from the audios and videos. 
As I've noted already, GoogleDocs is a very transparent medium and these transgressions are easy for me to see.  Journals that make the second kind of mistake will receive zero credit.  But journals that contain the first kind, at any level at all, will actually result in your failing the entire class. This  applies equally to people copying as well as those being copied. If you are doing any of these things, go back and fix it now (in blue). You will not receive any further warnings or any individual warnings at all.