Assignments Philosophy 192N Fall 2012

Analysis 5:  Due 12/16 midnight

For analysis 5 you have a choice. 

1.  Substantially revise and extend one of your previous analyses.  If you do this, be sure that you do not alter the original essay or my comments on it.  In order to do well on this essay, you must substantially improve the original.  If, for example, you simply resubmitted it with corrections, you would get a much lower grade than you did initially.

2. Write an analysis on a chapter (or multiple chapters) of Maddy's book that we did not cover.

3. Write an analysis on an article I wrote,  but have not yet published, called Naturalizing Explanatory Value. Here is the paper.  It is in draft form, and undoubtedly flawed in various ways, but I would appreciate your critical feedback. (Note: if you do this, be sure you can adopt some kind of critical stance or provide suggestions for improving it.  It would be horrible for me to have to read analyses that simply agreed with me on things, and then have to give you a low grade because of it.) 

Analysis 4:  Due 12/3 midnight.

Write an analysis of Thomas Metzinger's The no-self alternative. This article is a more rigorous development of Metzinger's reasons for denying the existence of selves than he provides in The Ego Tunnel.

Analysis 3:  Due 11/11 midnight.

Write an analysis of Alison Gopnik's and Henry Wellman's paper: Reconstructing constructivism: Causal models, Bayesian learning mechanisms and the theory theory.  Give yourself a lot of time to read and re-read this paper. You are going to learn a lot and it will be useful to be reading it as we are finishing her book.  The paper is a largely non technical treatment of a technical subject.  If you want more technical detail, there are many other essays on her website,  especially here.

The paper says that it is still in press, but it was actually published last May.  

Analysis 2:  Due 10/14 midnight.

Write an analysis of Donald Davidson's Paper "On the Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme."  The is a famous paper written in 1973 arguing that the idea of a multiplicity of incommensurable schemes is incoherent.  Davidson covers some ground that is familiar to us now, dealing with the views of Quine, Putnam and Tarski.  There also have been many papers written about this paper, so if you are looking around for a critical perspective it won't be hard to find.  Here is one called "Conceptual Schemes after Davidson." Here is another one by Michael Lynch called "Three Models of Conceptual Schemes."  

Analysis 1:   Due 9/23 midnight.

Write an analysis of Penelope Maddy's essay "Naturalism and Common Sense." This is a longish length article exploring some of the untoward consequences of Humean naturalism and contrasting it with the naturalism of Thomas Reid.  Y

Your analysis must conform precisely to the instructions for writing analyses.  We'll review these instructions briefly in class, but you should read them very carefully on your own, as any departures from the format will result in a failing grade.  A sample analysis at the end of the instructions will show you what your final product will look like and how it will read. 

Submission instructions:  You will submit this and all future analyses on your journal page.   You will put each new analysis on the bottom of your journal page with a hyperlink to it on the very top of your journal page.  Here is how to do this.

1.  Scroll down to the bottom of your journal page.  
2.  Type:  Analysis 1
3.  Put your cursor in front of the 'A' in 'Analysis 1'
4.  Go to Insert-->Bookmark.  A little blue flag will appear.
5.  Scroll back to the very top of the page.
6.  Type: Analysis 1.  Select what you just typed as if you are going to copy or delete it.
7.  Go to Insert --> Link  --> Bookmark
8.  Click on 'Analysis 1' in the list of Bookmarks that pop up (which will now just contain Analysis 1).
9.  You can now click on Analysis 1 at the top of the page and it will take you to the bottom of the page.
10. If you try and it doesn't do that, reload the page and it should work.
11. You will then write your analysis under the bookmark for Analysis 1 and both you and I will be able to navigate to that analysis by clicking at the link you have created at the top of the page.
12. You should now go ahead and perform operations 1-9 for Analyses 2, 3 & 4, even though you won't be writing them until later.  Arrange them so that the top of your journal page is now 5 hyperlinked entries.

Other super important stuff.

A.  You absolutely must  write the exact time and date of your submission in parentheses as shown below. If you make any changes after this timedate, you must change it to the timedate upon which you submit the changes, and this will become your new timedate.

B.  Some of you will want to write your essay on MS word or whatever and then copy and paste it into Google Docs. This is ok to do, but it can be a time consuming experience to get it formatted correctly, so give yourself lots of time to do that.  You need to submit professional looking work.  Ugly format = ugly grade.  Footnotes can be a special annoyance.

Analysis 1  (Time and date final draft submitted.)
Analysis 2  (Time and date final draft submitted.)
Analysis 3  (Time and date final draft submitted.)
Analysis 4  (Time and date final draft submitted.)
Analysis 5  (Time and date final draft submitted.)

Make sure these stay on top of your page for the rest of the semester.  i.e., don't put new journal entries over them.

Analysis 1

Write analysis 1 here.

Analysis 2

Write analysis 2 here.

Analysis 3

Write analysis 3 here.

Analysis 4

Write analysis 4 here.