Assignments Philosophy 180 Spring 2012

Analysis 4:  Due 5/13 midnight.

Write an analysis of "Person as scientist, person as moralist," by Joshua Knobe.  This essay is from the same journal, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, as the last two articles we are reading this semester.  Articles from this journal are typically followed by extensive peer commentary, which will aid you greatly in developing a critical perspective.

Analysis 3: Due 4/22 midnight

Write an analysis of "Knowledge, naturalism and cognitive ethology," by Jose Luis Bermudez or turn in your final draft of your Nammour Symposium entry. (You must have actually submitted an entry in order to exercise this option.  You may do the Bermudez article rather than submit your Nammour paper, however.  But do not submit both. )  Kornblith has written a reply to the Bermudez article which you can get through the library article database.  Also, Bermudez has done some interesting work since then which is on topic.  He sent me a recently published paper entitled "The force-field puzzle and mindreading in non human animals," which is not available through the library.  I am not going to post it on the website, but I'll send you a copy if you want to read it.  Another fascinating related article is  "Chimpanzees know what others know, but not what they believe," by Kaminski, Call and Tomasello.   

Analysis 2:  Due 3/18 midnight.

Write an analysis of John Greco's article "Virtue, Luck and the Pyrrhonian Problematic."  All instructions for Analysis 1 apply.
The supplementary readings provided on the schedule to the right of the article "The value of knowledge," may all be helpful.

Analysis 1:   Due 2/19 midnight.

Write an analysis of Keith DeRose's essay "Now you know it, now you don't." This is a medium length article defending contextualism against a certain kind of criticism.  Your analysis must conform precisely to the instructions for writing analyses.  We'll review these instructions briefly in class, but you should read them very carefully on your own, as any departures from the format will result in a failing grade.  A sample analysis at the end of the instructions will show you what your final product will look like and how it will read. 

Submission instructions:  You will submit this and all future analyses on your journal page.   You will put each new analysis on the bottom of your journal page with a hyperlink to it on the very top of your journal page.  Here is how to do this.

1.  Scroll down to the bottom of your journal page.  
2.  Type:  Analysis 1
3.  Put your cursor in front of the 'A' in 'Analysis 1'
4.  Go to Insert-->Bookmark.  A little blue flag will appear.
5.  Scroll back to the very top of the page.
6.  Type: Analysis 1.  Select what you just typed as if you are going to copy or delete it.
7.  Go to Insert --> Link  --> Bookmark
8.  Click on 'Analysis 1' in the list of Bookmarks that pop up (which will now just contain Analysis 1).
9.  You can now click on Analysis 1 at the top of the page and it will take you to the bottom of the page.
10. You will then write your analysis under the bookmark for Analysis 1 and both you and I will be able to navigate to that analysis by clicking at the link you have created at the top of the page.
11. You should now go ahead and perform operations 1-9 for Analyses 2, 3 & 4, even though you won't be writing them until later.  Arrange them so that the top of your journal page is now 4 hyperlinked entries.

Analysis 1
Analysis 2
Analysis 3
Analysis 4

Make sure these stay on top of your page for the rest of the semester.  i.e., don't put new journal entries over them.

Analysis 1

Write analysis 1 here.

Analysis 2

Write analysis 2 here.

Analysis 3

Write analysis 3 here.

Analysis 4

Write analysis 4 here.