How to learn from these videos

First, it is important to understand that logic is a skill. You are learning a new language which you will be using to represent logical relationships and to create proofs. 

This will require memorization of vocabulary and a variety of 'logical facts' (i.e., inference rules, logical equivalences, etc.) and for this purpose it will be useful for you to take notes while watching the instructional videos.

But to acquire the skill of logic, careful listening and note taking is not enough.

The key to using these videos to maximum effect is as follows:

1. Every single time the instructor finishes working a problem, stop the video. 

2. Return the video to the beginning of the problem, even if you feel like you completely understand it. The test of understanding is not feeling this way, but actually working the problem correctly.

3. Work the problem on your own without the aid of the video.

4. Run the video to see if you have done the problem correctly.

5. If you have done the problem correctly, then move on. If you have not, then figure out what you did wrong and repeat the steps above until you can do it right.  If understanding continues to elude you, then e-mail the instructor with a question or ask for help in class. 

After reading the above, many students are inclined to think something like:  Yeah, right. That is way too much work.

This is completely understandable. We all have different priorities, and it may be that doing as well as you possibly can in your logic class is not one of yours. However, it important to understand that there simply is no easier path to doing well. 

The good news is that for many students of the past, the design of this class can be life-altering.  Many students who had come to think of themselves as not particularly capable have discovered that they simply had not yet learned excellent study habits. Learning to take control of your instructional material in this way, as a matter of habit, is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your future.