Instructions for Submitting Essays on Google Docs

If you have a gmail account, then you already have access to Google Docs.  Just log in to your e-mail account and click on the Documents link at the top of the page. 

If you do not have a gmail account, you can get one by going to

If you prefer not to use gmail, you can still get a Google account by following the steps in this video.

Once you have established a Google account you have access to a number of utilities.  Google Docs allows you to either upload a paper to your Google account or compose it online.  Google automatically saves your paper and it allows you to share it with anyone else who has a Google account.


Submitting Assignments


To submit an assignment using Google Docs proceed as follows.

  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  2. Click on Documents (or Docs)
  3. Click on New >>Document  
  4. Click on Untitled (upper left hand corner of webpage) and title your essay exactly as follows: 
    1. Name, Course, Essay #
    2. e.g.  John Pastrami, 180, Essay 2
  5. Write your essay.
  6. Save your essay.
  7. Click Share  >> Invite people
  8. Be sure the "to edit"  radio button is filled.
  9. Type:  in the box.
  10. Click:  "Add without sending invitation".
  11. Click: OK when it tells you I won't receive notification that you have shared it.

Alternatively, at step 3 you may upload a document by clicking on Upload.  If you do this be sure to re-title your essay according to step 4 and follow the rest of the steps.  Also, be sure to examine the uploaded document to be sure the formatting has been preserved.


When you complete step 11, I will have a copy of the essay in my Google account. 


Here are a couple of other videos explaining how Google Docs works.