The Wisdom of Johannes Pheepher

Pass the monkey.

Deal with your nugatoriness.

You are not a pencil.

Reasons are your friends.

Making sense is easy.  What's hard is making sense of "making sense."

Philosophy, oh, she got no bailiwick.

A whole mess of mistakes in life can be blamed on the simple failure to count.

The tads accrue.

Bivalence is for wussies.

A brain is only as strong as its weakest think.

It's always sumthin', but it's usually nuthin'.

A rut is a groove you've been in too long.

Nothing is everything.

Speak your hair.

Don't seek certainty to make yourself comfortable with your decisions.  Seek uncertainty, and then make them anyway.

The smart things you do don't matter nearly as much as the dumb things you don't.

Bayes Rules.

It's all about the priors.

A tutu is not a safety device.

One day you will realize that everything you realize is wrong.

Deal with your nugatoriness.

There is always more than one option.

Gentlemen, start your reasons.