What's Up Philosophy 189 Fall 2013


Meet up this Friday 9.18 at 12 to discuss progress on senior essays.


Hi, by now you should have sent me your Gmail and I should have created a formatted document there for all your work. Let me know if that's not the case right away.  Get your faculty contract taken care of and back to me by  9.27 at the very latest please.  Keep your eye on Facebook for colloquium announcements.


Hi and welcome to Philosophy 189: Senior Seminar. This is a 1 unit class taken only by philosophy majors in the semester immediately prior to graduation.  If you are not a senior philosophy major, you must drop this class or you will be dropped from it.  If you have some compelling reason to take this course in the penultimate semester of your senior year, let me know and I'll consider your reasons and make a decision.

Also, please be aware that you are permitted, encouraged, but  not required, to take this course if you have filed a graduation petition claiming catalog rights prior to 2011.  

Please read the syllabus carefully and come with any questions to our first meeting Friday at noon in Mendocino 1030.   When you read the syllabus you will see that you need a Gmail account.  Send an email from your gmail account to <sacstatephil@gmail.com>.  When I receive your email II will create and share with you a Google Doc.  The document will be formatted with a table of contents and it is where you will submit all of your work for this class.  You will be able to get to and edit the document at any time by signing in to your Gmail account and clicking on Drive >> Shared With Me.  However, you will not own the document and therefore will not be able to delete it

Please do this right away.  Be sure to identify yourself.

See you in class.